It’s no secret that Breedlove instruments have a unique look, feel, and sound. When it comes to the look of a Breedlove, what may appear to be simply aesthetically innovative design is actually a triumph of science and sound engineering. Early on, Breedlove re-engineered the acoustic guitar by re-envisioning the ways each and every component contributes to the overall sound. It’s what goes into a Breedlove that truly delivers unparalleled distinctively crafted sound.


What is a distinctive dealer? Breedlove has partnered with select acoustic instrument dealers in the U.S., who are renowned guitar aficionados for their expertise in hand built acoustic instruments. Music World is one of these select few dealers who have access to the Breedlove Custom Sound Studio. This is where the magic happens to build your own dream guitar! It also gives us the privilege to provide customers with the Breedlove Masterclass, Exotic and all other USA made Breedlove models. We are only a short drive from Breedlove, located in Bend OR, which makes the design and build process convenient as it is close to the Portland/Vancouver area. For more information on custom guitars, please call at 360-573-5575 or email

Music World is also partnering with Chuck Johnson, former Apple Music acoustic shop manager. With his many years of experience, Chuck is well known as a tone wood expert and has an abundance of satisfied customers who have designed and purchased custom built Breedlove guitars. Chuck will be independently consulting for those that would like to work with him on the build process.
Contact him at and he will be glad to assist you.

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Custom C10BCC

Custom C25RW

Oregon Concerto

J25 Custom Jumbo

Custom D20POSEE


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