Ascenté violin strings have been specifically designed to help players advance their craft with elegance and consistency.


Ascenté is a synthetic core string set that is designed for any advancing student who is looking for a synthetic string at a price point traditionally associated with steel core strings. Synthetic core strings generally feel easier under the fingers and more giving under the bow, and sound richer than steel cores.


  • Tone – provides access to a rich tonal range – Synthetic core strings have more overtones and a richer, fuller tone because the bending stiffness is lower. This allows higher frequencies (higher harmonics) to travel along the string, which isn’t as possible with steel strings.


  • Pitch stability – 2X the tuning stability as major competitors – There is no other synthetic core string on the market that stretches less than Ascenté. That means much less time is spent tuning the instrument and more time is spent on meaningful practice – a big win for orchestral directors and teachers. If you’re not a daily player, don’t worry – your strings will be in tune, right where you left them even a few days or weeks later.  


  • Enhanced durability – dramatically outperforms all competitors in corrosion tests – The G and D strings are wound with Monel, a metal which is much more durable than silver or aluminum (commonly used for other G and D strings).  The corrosion resistance is off the charts. They make boat propellers from Monel for a reason. The A string construction is aluminum, but we use a single wrap where our competitors use two thin wraps. That means the outer layer of our A string (the string that most violinists wear out first) will last significantly longer than any of our competitors’.  


  • Resilience – performs at the highest level of resilience against all competitors – The combination of Monel windings on D and G, and an aluminum wrap on A that is 2x as thick as our competitors’ provides resilience beyond all other synthetic brands.


Item # Description UPC
A310 4/4M Ascenté Violin String Set, 4/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250386
A311 4/4M Ascenté Violin E String, 4/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250393
A312 4/4M Ascenté Violin A String, 4/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250409
A313 4/4M Ascenté Violin D String, 4/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250416
A314 4/4M Ascenté Violin G String, 4/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250423
A310 3/4M Ascenté Violin String Set, 3/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250430
A311 3/4M Ascenté Violin E String, 3/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250447
A312 3/4M Ascenté Violin A String, 3/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250454
A313 3/4M Ascenté Violin D String, 3/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250461
A314 3/4M Ascenté Violin G String, 3/4 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250478
A310 1/2M Ascenté Violin String Set, 1/2 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250485
A311 1/2M Ascenté Violin E String, 1/2 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250492
A312 1/2M Ascenté Violin A String, 1/2 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250508
A313 1/2M Ascenté Violin D String, 1/2 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250515
A314 1/2M Ascenté Violin G String, 1/2 Scale, Medium Tension 019954250522


Tensions (in lbs)
String Material 1/2M 3/4M 4/4M
A311 Tinned carbon steel 14.6  15.7  16.8
A312 Aluminum wound 10.5 12 12.3
A313 Monel wound 9 9.5 10
A314 Monel wound 9 9.5 10
  • Available in three sizes: 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2, medium tension only
  • Silking: solid orange (ball end)
  • All items made in the USA

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