Linda Morgan

Band Instrument Technician
Battle Ground

Linda is our shop manager and she is responsible for maintaining our repair department.


Andy Korbel

Band Instrument Technician
Battle Ground

Andy has been with Music World since the summer of 2012 and he is our ‘brass specialist’.


Karl Koehler

Band Instrument Technician
Hazel Dell

When it comes to experience, Karl is your guy! He has spent the last 25 years working as a repair technician in various environments.


Dave Zarzana

Guitar and String Technician
Hazel Dell

Dave has established himself in the music community with a well known reputation for exceptional repair.


World Class Repair

How your instrument is adjusted can effect its pitch, playability, and your enjoyment. Even the most seasoned professional can expect a poor performance if their instrument doesn’t operate properly. Music Worlds’ repair shops can help keep your valuable instrument in top condition.

Music World offers repair on Brass, Woodwind, and String instruments. We have 2 repair shops to serve you. Our staff of trained repair technicians have many years of experience and take pride in the level and quality of their workmanship. We offer everything from minor adjustments to full overhauls. Estimates & instrument valuations are always free! Come by and see us or send an email. Your instrument will thank you.




  • General Adjustments
  • Corks Replacement
  • Repadding and Overhauls
  • Tenon Repair & Replacement


  • Brass Ultra Sonic Cleaning
  • Dent Removal
  • Trombone Slide Work
  • French Horn Rotors Restring
  • Mouthpiece Removal — FREE!

Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Ultrasonic cleaning is an innovative method of cleaning brass and no-wood musical instruments through the use of high frequency sound waves and a biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning solution. This state-of-the-art method cleans objects through the introduction of sound waves in the a tank of mild cleaning solution, which penetrates the instrument to clean the interior as well as the exterior. Transducers mounted in the tank create tiny bubbles, which clean and scrub the entire instrument in a safer, more thorough manner than traditional mechanical or chemical cleaning methods.

We’ve installed a 30-gallon ultrasonic cleaner in March 2007 to safely and gently clean your instrument more effectively than ever before. The tank is large enough to dip a full size tuba or sousaphone. While it does an amazing job cleaning large instruments, it does an equally amazing job cleaning the mechanisms on the most delicate of instruments.

Guitar and String Services:

  • Re-String: We carefully remove the old strings of the guitar, clean and condition (if needed) and put on your strings of choice for the guitar/stringed instrument.
  • Pick-up Install: Our technician will carefully remove any old pickup and install the new one for nominal fee. Old equipment is still kept in case you ever need it.
  • Body work: Our technician will fix any neck-breaks, or body damage that is structural only. We recommend several different places for finish work but cannot perform finish and paint work in-store. Please contact us for further details as this can be case by case.
  • Set-Up: This can vary case by case, but the instrument is adjusted in careful fashion for optimal playability. This includes fixing neck bows, adjusting bridge saddles and tremolos, intonation, and any re-stringing if needed as well. We offer this service for free to all instruments purchased at our stores (in-store only). Since many players have different requirements, we can setup any instrument to your liking including higher string action if desired. Please leave any and all notes with the technician or salesperson that helps you out!
  • Amplifier Repair: We service and repair most brand-name amplifiers. Please call ahead or stop by to get a quote!

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